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1972 Chevrolet C20
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Chevrolet C20 Price and Specs

YearBody TypeSpecsPrice fromPrice to
1981Ute5.7L, Leaded, 4 SP MAN$4950$7850
1980Ute5.7L, Leaded, 4 SP MAN$4750$7550
1979Ute5.7L, Leaded, 4 SP MAN$4550$7220
1978Ute5.7L, Leaded, 4 SP MAN$4220$6950
1977Ute5.7L, Leaded, 4 SP MAN$3950$6550
1976Ute5.7L, Leaded, 4 SP MAN$3550$6220
1975Ute5.7L, Leaded, 4 SP MAN$3220$5950

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1981 Chevrolet C20

1980 Chevrolet C20

1979 Chevrolet C20

1978 Chevrolet C20

1977 Chevrolet C20

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1975 Chevrolet C20

Chevrolet C20 Towing Capacity

YearBody TypeBraked Capacity fromBraked Capacity to

Chevrolet C20 Dimensions

YearBody TypeHeight x Width x LengthGround Clearance
1981Ute1809x2022x5232 mm
1980Ute1809x2022x5232 mm
1979Ute1810x2021x5226 mm
1978Ute1810x2021x5226 mm
1977Ute1810x2021x5226 mm
1976Ute1810x2021x5226 mm
1975Ute1810x2021x5226 mm

Chevrolet C20 Fuel Consumption

YearBody TypeFuel Consumption*EngineFuel TypeTransmission
1981Ute5.7LLeaded4 SP MAN
1980Ute5.7LLeaded4 SP MAN
1979Ute4.8LLeaded4 SP MAN
1978Ute4.8LLeaded4 SP MAN
1977Ute4.8LLeaded4 SP MAN
1976Ute4.8LLeaded4 SP MAN
1975Ute4.8LLeaded4 SP MAN

Chevrolet C20 Wheel Size

YearBody TypeFront Tyre SizeFront RimRear Tyre SizeRear Rim
1981Ute16×6.5 inches16×6.5 inches
1980Ute16×6.5 inches16×6.5 inches
1979Ute16×6 inches16×6 inches
1978Ute16×6 inches16×6 inches
1977Ute16×6 inches16×6 inches
1976Ute16×6 inches16×6 inches
1975Ute16×6 inches16×6 inches

Chevy C20 History

The first generation of Chevy C/K trucks began in 1960 and ran through 1966. A “C” truck designated 2-wheel drive, rear of course, while “K” designated a 4-wheel drive. Two body styles were available: the Chevy “Fleetside” (known as the “Wideside” in GMC models) which offered a smooth panel down each side of the bed; and the Chevy “Stepside” (which GMC labeled “Fenderside”) which provided a contoured panel outlining the rear wheel-wells and a “step” behind the driver and passenger side doors. These trucks rode very much like a long-wheelbase automobile due to the drop-center ladder frame and low-profile seats. There was no climbing up into the cab of one of these trucks unless you were under five feet tall.

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Chevy C20 FAQs

When did Chevy stop making the c10?


What is the difference between a Chevy c10 and c20?

Chevy C10 is half-ton truck and C20 is three-quarter-ton truck.

What does the C in C20 indicate?

The C represents the two-wheel drive trucks.