Chevy C20 History: A blast from 1983


hey folks robbed of two guys that are

bribed today where the burns will Center

and this is back to the 80s and I’ve got

a fantastic truck fantastic story and a

cool guy is going to tell you a little

bit about it and if you will aren’t you

introduce yourself and introduce your

truck and tell us about your your truck

I’m going

from Henderson Minnesota this is our

1983 Chevy C 20 we got this truck from

unique classics in Mankato we had

consigned the vehicle there earlier this

spring and we’re lucky enough to find

this one

so I’m sorry no I’m sorry but so what

brought you to this chart why this truck

why did you want I mean it’s beautiful

I always wanted something like this

and in fondant okay now you were telling

me this is an original truck come on


it’s too clean for that I’m blown away

that’s the story we got from Jeremy a

couple in Windham and a camper

dealership and they just used it to move

campers around their dealership now I

want to show this girl bumper because

you you you guarantee me this hasn’t

been replated well if you look at the

back side you can see there’s some

fitting and okay Steen starting on the

inside but definitely not Wow and you

know I’m gonna show something here

because we you know your wife was

apologetic about this earlier but you

know that shows the authenticity right

here folks so it hasn’t been refresh and

it is what it was as it was born

and it’s phenomenal now but this is this

is the it’s a football drive no those

two wheel drive wheel drive 3/4 ton okay

and what is the engine it’s a 5.7 liter

350 okay three-speed automatic okay and

you’re telling me the interior and we’ve

got pictures of that but the interior is

all original everything on the vehicle

is all original the only thing that is

an original and the interior is the

floor minute we just got that everything

else is 100% original Wow

okay so now what do you do with this

truck what what is it that what do you

like to do with it well I like to drive

okay all right

we drive okay and this is our second


okay went to the LGM car show as right

second show okay

and you also do the Henderson cruise in

for all you folks that are that know

about that in the Henderson Minnesota

it’s a fantastic show it’s growing every

year beautiful location and so if you if

you’re out at the car shows or you want

to drive down to intercept and take a

look at that one you can see this

vehicle in person and it’s it’s just

unbelievable now obviously these are

newer tires the truck okay okay no are

they radials they would have been radios

at that time it was they were done with

all the bias ply stuff at that time okay

so you said they used this to kind of

pull things around in the in the yard

and trailers and whatnot but in looking

looking out back I find that hard to

believe because unless it was someone

that was wearing kit gloves all the time

because folks that’s the original paint

on the bumper and you can actually see

on the patina here it’s actually the

original paints coming through a little

bit the original body but on the bright

work on the back not a dent not a

blemish nothing I can’t believe all

those years of use someone really

absolutely babied this vehicle and its

what a find you know we took the fifth

wheel out of the back and I imagine that

this tailgates spent a lot of time maybe

I off in the garage or something but

but even the bed I mean there’s there’s

it’s there you buy a new truck and you

would have that scuffed up worse than

this in six months into a year and even

so I mean you can tell it it didn’t even

haul mulch or brush because you would

have all the stick and brush marks along

the side here if they had even died

cleaned a lot and threw in tree limbs

and whatnot yeah there isn’t much for

Rock chips behind no behind the rear

tires on the front tire so not a lot of

highway miles all of the trim the

bodywork is just fantastic

original hubcaps original exhaust system

is soft yet new exhaust put on last week

by Skip foe lien in Belle Plaine

Minnesota okay I want to get a shot of

this interior because it’s just

remarkable and you’ve not done anything

in here okay you’ve not done anything in

here though have you it sounded like you

said the format the format yup and the

only Sun fade and we’re just right here

on the driver’s door probably from the

guy hanging his arm out the window what

you have to us a pickup truck come on

and you’re backing up a trailer but the

other door that’s perfect but now you

said you’ve got air conditioning in this


today we drove here the windows up eight


just cruising and loving life you can’t

be that now does your wife drive it she

hasn’t yet but she will

ok alright wow this is fantastic so what

is your favorite thing if you had to

pick out one thing about this vehicle

that was your absolute favorite what

would it be it’s gonna be pretty hard

alright give me two now they called

these the square body is that correct

and it’s pretty easy to see because

you’ve got this huge square front end

blocked shape to everything and I know

when the with the engine sitting in

there can you pop the hood for us let’s

take a look at that because what you

can’t see on modern cars you can’t see

the ground and you’ve got all these

plastic beauty covers and everything

else like this so folks he showed me

this a little bit earlier and I want you

to take a look at it because it’s

fantastic it is as original as it can be

and yep you can see the ground down

there and it’s kind of cool because you

can actually climb up into the engine

compartment and do the work you need to

do well yeah I think my wife Sarah

probably could and you were telling me

it’s actually got there some of the

original smog pumps and air pumps and

things on it for the emissions so it is

that original it’s absolutely phenomenal

so Joe thank you so much this is

absolutely beautiful thank you for

sharing your truck with us I love it I

want to get a good shot of the side here

and you know what it’s absolutely

beautiful folks out here at the back to

the 80s car show Joe you got a beautiful

truck congratula

thank you very much you bet thanks for

sharing it with us

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